Are Residential Window Films a Good Investment?

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May 29, 2022
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May 31, 2022
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Are residential window films a good investment? This is a question we get asked a lot, and the answer is a resounding YES! Here are six reasons why residential window film is a great investment for any homeowner:

1. Save energy (and money) – In the summer, residential 3M window film can reject up to 79% of the sun’s heat, making it easier and more affordable to keep your home cool. In the winter, residential window film helps retain heat inside your home, lowering your heating bills.

2. Protect from UV damage and fading – The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause serious damage to your skin and eyes. UV rays can also fade furniture, flooring, artwork, paint and window treatments. Residential window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays, helping to protect your home and belongings from fading.

3. Reduce glare – Glare from the sun can make it difficult to see television screens, work on computers, and even read books. Residential window film reduces glare by up to 87%, making your home more comfortable and enjoyable.

4. Protect against natural disasters – High winds and flying debris can cause serious damage to your windows during a hurricane or severe storm. Residential window film helps hold broken glass in place, protecting your home from water damage and wind damage.

5. Protect against intrusion attempts – Residential window film makes it more difficult for burglars and vandals to break into your home. The film helps hold glass in place, deterring would-be intruders.

6. Add privacy with 3M’s decorative films – Residential window film can also be used for decorative purposes. Decorative films from 3M offer a wide variety of designs that allow you to add privacy to your home while enhancing its curb appeal.

Residential window film is a great investment for any homeowner. The film provides numerous benefits that make your home more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’re looking for a way to improve your home, residential 3M window film is an excellent option.