A suburb of Raleigh, Wake Forest is often included when referring to the region in North Carolina called the Triangle or the Research Triangle, though its location north of Raleigh puts it outside the official area. The crime index in Wake Forest is 36, which means the town is 36% safer than other cities in the nation. The crime rate per 1,000 residents is 18.74 with property crime making up a majority of the rate (theft, burglary, vehicle theft). The chances of experiencing property crime in Wake Forest is 1 in 57, better than the state average of 1 in 39. The number of crimes per square mile in Wake Forest is 52, compared to the state average of 26 crimes per square mile. While Wake Forest rates safer than some surrounding areas, crime is possible anywhere. To increase privacy and better protect your home and family from would-be intruders, learn more about 3M’s Safety and Security series of window films.

Wake Forest has a humid subtropical climate with mild, comfortable winters and very humid, hot summers with the record high of 105 degrees recorded in both July and August. The town receives an average of 3 inches of snow most winters and averages 214 days of sunshine per year (compared to the national average of 205). To enhance energy efficiency in your home during the summer and reflect away harmful UV rays, consider 3M’s Sun Control series of window tint in Wake Forest. This series of window films protects furnishings from UV fading and rejects up to 97% of infrared rays that heat up your home.

Carolina Solar is the premier provider of window film and window tint for Wake Forest homes and businesses. A few of our projects in Wake Forest include:

Concord Hospitality Headquarters

Having installed window films at multiple Concord Hospitality locations in the Triangle and beyond, Carolina Solar installed 3M’s Sun Control Night Vision 25 window tint at their main office headquarters location in Wake Forest. This film reduces heat and reduces glare to increase energy efficiency and improve tenant comfort inside the building.

Franklin & Thales Academy Schools


Carolina Solar has installed 3M’s Sun Control Affinity 15 Mirror Privacy Tint at several locations of the Franklin & Thales Academy Schools. The Affinity 15 film provides heat reduction, glare reduction and increased privacy with a metalized polyester formulation. While the exterior features mirror reflectivity, from inside the building, the film provides a low-glare, comfortable view to the outside.

New Wake County YMCA


For the new YMCA in Wake County, Carolina Solar installed 3M’s Scotchshield Security Film with Impact Protection Adhesive (IPA) attachments at key access points throughout the building. The IPA attachments provide additional protection against impacts from weather or intrusion attempts. Carolina Solar also installed frosted bands of Milano decorative film on glass walls inside the building for visual interest.