How is window film applied?

Our window films are professionally applied by skilled, well-trained professionals. Almost all our films are designed to be applied to the inside of your glass, but exterior versions are available when needed. The first step is to prepare the window area for the application; placing drop cloths on the floor, protecting furniture and treatments where necessary. Next, the window glass is cleaned using a simple cleaning solution of baby shampoo or dish soap and water. Then, the film is sprayed with the slip solution for proper positioning and applied to the window glass. Using a professional grade squeegee and following proper techniques, the application is completed by removing excess water, trimming the edges, and a final squeegee pass to dry the edges.

How do safety and security window films work?

Safety & Security Window Films are designed to make glass shatter-resistant by holding the glass pieces together when broken.

Compared to Sun Control Films, Safety & Security Window Films are made with thicker polyester and a much thicker, more aggressive adhesive. 3M Ultra Series Films are unique in the industry. They are built using a special micro-layered polyester technology which increases the films’ tear resistance significantly. Pound for pound, the impact and tear resistance of 3M Ultra Safety & Security Window Films will outperform all other films of similar thickness.

How do sun control window films work?

Sun control films are designed to reduce the amount of solar heat transmission through window glass by increasing the solar heat reflection and solar heat absorption of the glass.

Typical colored or dyed films work primarily through increased absorption. The color absorbs the solar energy at the glass, thus reducing the direct transmission into the room. These films only offer marginal performance when compared to reflective films.

Reflective films are films that have been precision coated with metals. These metallic films are designed to increase the solar energy reflection of the glass and some of the absorption. Reflective films range from moderate to excellent in solar performance (heat gain reduction).

3M Prestige Series is the worlds first IR nano technology window film.  Free of dyes and metals this film will outperform most traditional films and not increase reflectivity or change the glass appearance.

What is the typical energy pay back for sun control window films?

Simple paybacks will vary depending upon the amount of sunlit glass exposure, type of film, type of glass, cost of fuel, cost of application, and other variables. However, we have seen paybacks often in less than 3 years for large commercial properties.

Will 3M window films stop my furnishing from fading?

Window films can significantly reduce fading but cannot stop it completely.

What is the warranty for 3M Window films?

3M window films are warranted to maintain their solar properties without bubbling, blistering, peeling, cracking, or crazing. 3M offers a ltd. Lifetime warranty for residential applications. For commercial applications, the warranty period is up to 15 years. Most exterior applications are warrantied for a 7-10 year period. Case studies show the films far outlasting the warranty period and continue to maintain all solar properties and performance.

No one has more experience with window film than 3M. In fact, not only did 3M receive the very first patent on window film in 1966, but today are still the only manufacturer that produces their own raw materials such as polyesters, adhesives, metals, and scratch-resistant coatings. This gives them the quality control and product consistency other manufacturers just can’t match.

It’s the most comprehensive warranty you can get!