Prevent Birds from Flying Into Glass Building, Feather Friendly Technology

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April 26, 2022
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Did you know? As many as one billion birds die every year in North America due to collisions with windows, glass and buildings. This represents about 10% of the bird population and is the second leading cause of bird death in North America. Birds are a vital part of our ecosystem and along with bees, help pollinate many of our important food crops. As many as 2,000 species of birds help pollinate crops across the continent. This is why preventing bird collisions and deaths has become such an important issue. Prevent Birds from Flying Into Glass Building, Feather Friendly Technology.

How Does Feather Friendly Work?

Feather Friendly Bird Deterrent Technology helps to avoid bird collisions by creating a pattern on glass buildings, windows and clear railing systems that helps birds better see the glass and avoid colliding with it. Feather Friendly window films is safe and does not increase the likelihood of thermal glass breakage because it’s not truly a full window film at all but rather a pattern of film markers that are applied to the glass. This treatment can be applied on top of or over other window films and treatments and does not void a window’s warranty. Many bird conservation organizations have endorsed Feather Friendly technology for helping reduce bird collisions and deaths such as Audubon Society, American Bird Conservancy and Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP).

Who is Using Feather Friendly?

Feather Friendly Bird Deterrent Technology is already in use in many commercial and residential applications. Some of the commercial applications include colleges and universities, hospitals, hotels, zoos, museums, national parks, federal buildings, railway stations, high rise buildings and even Liberty Park at The World Trade Center. While most of the applications thus far have been in commercial buildings and settings, Feather Friendly is available for residential applications as well. The latest application for Feather Friendly technology is on clear railing applications or glass panel fences that are becoming more and more popular both for residential buildings and commercial buildings. This application uses black markers instead of white to make the glass more visible to birds on both sides of the glass.

You can prevent bird deaths from collisions with glass, buildings and clear railing systems. Carolina Solar is a provider of Feather Friendly Bird Deterrent Technology. Call today for an estimate on bird safe window applications for your home or commercial location!