Laminated Glass— A False Security Solution

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November 15, 2013
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December 15, 2013

Many retail store owners are finding that their efforts to provide secure solutions for storefront glass is not changing the security outcome when a threat occurs. A common misconception is that laminated glass will offer protection. That is a false solution. With laminated glass, the glass is still just sitting in the gasket, and it can be pulled out when broken. (See Picture on the Left) For a real security solution, retail store owners should use a 3M Security Film solution from Carolina Solar (pictured on the Right)! Our 3M Ultraflex Structural Adhesive bonds the 3M Ultra Security Film to the door or window frame, not just the glass itself. Its highly flexible and high-strength bond adheres to rubber, metal, wood, plastic, and masonry. It’s truly- a secure solution! For window film security solutions for your business, call on the experts at Carolina Solar– your authorized 3M Window Film dealer and installer in the South East– with offices in Raleigh, Wilmington, and Myrtle Beach!