How Do I Keep My Wood Floors From Fading?

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April 30, 2021
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April 1, 2022

When you invest in hardwood floors or invest in restoring your wood floors, you want to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. That means avoiding fading that can make your floors look dull and dated way before their time. Here are some practical ways to keep your wood floors from fading:

Use Rugs – Use rugs and other temporary floor coverings in areas where the floor gets a lot of sunlight through windows. The rugs will absorb the fading UV rays from the sun and keep the floor underneath in good condition.

Move the Furniture – In some cases of fading wood floors, it happens because the furniture is always in one place and therefore the walking areas remain the same. The floor can get more wear and tear in the walking areas. Combat this by moving the furniture configuration a couple of times a year to change up where there is furniture and where people walk.

Close the Blinds – Close the blinds or curtains during the time of day that sunlight is streaming directly through the windows. While this option does limit natural light, the UV rays from the sun are one of the leading causes of fading for wood floors.

Invest in Sun Control Window Films – Perhaps the easiest solution is to invest in sun control window films. Sun control window films block the UV rays from the sun and reflect them away before they ever come into your home. Sun control films have more benefits than protecting your floors from fading. They also protect furniture and artwork from UV damage and fading and prevent glare on the TV, tablets, computers and phones. Sun control window films also help prevent hot spots in your home as they reflect away not only the UV rays, but the heating infrared rays that can create hot spots and raise the temperature in your home, making your HVAC run more often to keep the temperature consistent (which costs you money).

How do you keep your wood floors from fading? You can use rugs, move furniture and try to remember to close the blinds or curtains during direct sunlight hours or you can go the easy route with sun control window films. The great part is that sun control window films offer more benefits than just protecting your floors from fading. If you are interested in exploring sun control window films for your home, give Carolina Solar Control a call!