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Decorative Window Film—Big Applications
February 15, 2016
Raleigh Window Tinting Company Offers Film For Data Privacy In Office Spaces
June 3, 2017

Carolina Solar was called in to add 3M Ultra Prestige S50 to all windows receiving direct sunlight and the Ultra S600 clear to the shaded and covered glass for safety and security upgrades as well as improving the energy efficiency of the home. Decorative film applications were also installed for added privacy and visual interest on the front door and bathroom glass. The SPR50 is a lightly tinted film offering glare reduction, unmatched heat rejection, and superior fade control. Not to mention it’s an 8mil micro-layered safety & security film rated for bomb blast, severe weather events, and home intrusion protection. This family can rest easy in every room of their new home with this all-in-one product from 3M. They also have a lifetime factory warranty from the 3M company if the window films ever need replacing. One great product. Multiple Solutions. 3M Science applied to life.