Window Tinting Helps Employee Productivity.. Who Knew?

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February 15, 2014
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March 15, 2014

We know that window tinting in commercial spaces solves many issues, such as glare, fading, heat, security, aesthetics, and energy conservation. But, can tinting the windows in your office actually lead to more productive employees? According to a case study conducted at French bank, Societe Generale and the European Window Film Association, the answer is yes!

This case study outlines how French bank Société Générale installed solar control window film in their historic Zurich offices to deal with excessive solar heat gain. With over 30 people and 100 computers working in a single room, the south-facing 7th floor offices regularly became far too hot, despite window blinds and air conditioning.

“Looking for a solution that could also be installed without changing the historically listed building’s external aspect, Société Générale settled on solar control window film, which was invisible upon installation and did not reflect sunlight off the building. The installed window film was a great success, providing notably more comfortable room climate (61% solar energy rejection on double clear glazing), greater protection against UV rays (up to 99.95), and 70% visible light transmission into the building.

Window film technology was unquestionably the most appropriate solution for Société Générale’s problem explains Dave Cox, EWFA President: “The solar control window film was installed in just two days, providing instant relief for the employees of Société Générale, while respecting the external appearance of Zurich’s very first high-rise building. We would encourage other corporations to follow the example of Société Générale, and investigate how the window film can work to increase energy efficiency and improve their own worker productivity.” (source:

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