Commercial Window Tinting for Energy Savings & Privacy

Commercial Window Film for Aesthetics and Light Management
March 15, 2013
Window Film is Cool!
April 15, 2013

Business owners with glass window fronts find out very quickly how much energy can be saved by adding natural-looking window film. We have window films such as 3M RE35, which can serve many purposes. Shown here for Standard Pacific Homes Design Studio (Top picture), we used the RE35 to reduce heat and help with light management. For energy efficiency as well as added privacy for their first floor office, we also used the RE35 for Empire Properties (Bottom Picture). These building have very, different design structures and they each have different energy saving and privacy needs, showcasing the versatility and efficiency of the 3M RE35 Window Film. If your business needs help with light management, energy savings, and privacy, give Carolina Solar a call today to find out which 3M product would best serve your needs.