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Window Tinting Reduces Glare on Plasma TV’s


One main reason for residential or commercial window tinting is glare reduction. We are often asked to reduce the glare on Plasma TV screens. In a recent installation, we accomplished this easily using 3M Night Vision 35 window film (NV35).turtle In the picture with the fish, half of the window is covered with 3M Night Vision 35 Film (NV35). Look at how much the glare is reduced on the picture and on the plasma TV’s bezel! In the picture with the turtle, full window coverage using 3M Night Vision 35 (NV35) reduces overall glare by 65%. The NV35 is the lightest shade in the Night Vision series. Using a darker shade of window film can reduce glare up to 90%. For a simple glare, fading, and heat reduction solution in your home or business, call Carolina Solar Control & Security—your authorized 3M Window Film Dealer and Installer with locations in Raleigh/Durham, Wilmington, and Myrtle Beach.