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Two Window Tinting Applications in One Southern Pines Commercial Space


Carolina Solar Control, Raleigh’s premiere residential and commercial window tinting company, recently had the opportunity to help First Bank in Southern Pines with two distinct window film applications to serve two distinct purposes. 3M Night Vision 35 window film was used on all exterior glass for heat and glare control from the sun, creating tenant comfort. Night Vision series films accomplish three main goals:

1. Dual reflective technology provides daytime privacy while allowing easier viewing outside at night

2. Allows up to 35% of the visible light through your windows

3. Additional tint provides excellent heat rejection and offers the best glare reduction

In the second application, Oslo film from the 3M Fasara Decorative Series was installed on the main conference room and all interior office doors for aesthetics and privacy. Fasara films provide the advantages of etched, cut, sandblasted, and textured glass at a fraction of the cost