3M Prestige Series – 97% Infrared Rejection. Clearly Superior.

Outsmart the sun with superior protection.

Windows provide an abundance of natural light. They can also create problems such as cool or drafty areas, excessive heat from the sun, and distracting glare—issues that can impact tenant comfort, occupancy rates, energy bills, and profits. Choose clear films with reflectivity lower than glass for superior sun control and beautiful views inside and out.

Performance that metallic films can’t match.

The Prestige Series are the first non-metallized window films engineered to offer superior performance without interfering with device signals or changing your building’s aesthetics. The Prestige Series Films utilize a truly unique 3M technology known as a multi-layer optical film with hundreds of layers of non-metallized material in less than the thickness of a Post-It note. Each layer is designed to reflect the sun’s IR rays without compromising on visible light. That allows us to create a film that delivers the highest performance possible without metal, which may corrode and look reflective. Other metal-free films just can’t offer the performance and clarity available in the Prestige Series.

3M Prestige Exterior Series – Performance and Durability.

Solutions for even the most challenging areas.

Atriums, skylights, conservatory roofs—where sun control and appearance are important, but interior film application is difficult, turn to 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige Exterior Series for ultimate performance.
Superior heat rejection without the reflection: Prestige exterior films offer a range of 40-90% visible light transmission (VLT), yet their clear, translucent appearance keeps the beauty of your building virtually unchanged. Long-lasting protection: A hydrophobic hard coat helps keep the exterior surface of your glass looking cleaner. Prestige Series window films do not contain metal. That means they won’t corrode over time or interfere with wireless or cellular signals that tenants depend on every day.

Prevent melted siding from reflected sunlight

3M Prestige Exterior Series PR40X has been a proven solution against problems such as melted siding, spontaneous combustion, and scorched lawns by reducing the reflectivity of the exterior glass surface.* 

*Because every scenario is unique, the solution cannot be guaranteed.