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Common Q & A

What are the different types of window tints/films?
Sun control, security, daylighting, transitional, cloaking, and decorative films are available

Can window films save me on energy costs?

Yes, the industry average is 10-15% can be saved on residential cooling costs

What can solar window films do?
Eliminate UV, Reject Heat Gain, Reduce Glare, and Increase Personal Comfort

How do window films for security work?
They make glass more shatter and impact resistant protecting you and your property

Where can I use decorative window tints/films?
On any smooth glass surface. Even wet locations such as a bathroom

What does “all-weather window film” mean?
Window Films like Thinsulate will add an insulation value keeping you comfortable year round

Residential/Home Window Tinting:

I would like window tinting for my house. What is the average price per window?
Cost is calculated on the Sq/Ft. Of the glass surface to be tinted along with frame types and access

Will home window tinting save me on my utility bills?
Yes, the national average payback on a residential application is 2-4 years

Are tax credits available for window tinting my home?
Currently Duke/Progress has a rebate program for Commercial applications

Does window tinting increase my home’s value?
Debatable. Some homeowners have received a lower insurance rate by adding security films

How do I protect my home’s floors and furniture from fading?
Window film attacks the 3 largest causes of fade damage, UV – Heat Gain – Direct Sun Light

How long will window films last?
3M Window Films come with a Ltd. Lifetime Warranty for Residential applications

What window film products will reduce sun glare and excessive heat in my home?
We recommend the Night Vision Series by 3M

Does window tinting reduce my home’s energy cost?
Yes. We have had customers report saving as much as $100 in one month on their utility bills

Can window tinting prevent people from seeing inside my home?
Yes. During the daytime hours only. The effect does not work at night when lights are on

Will window films change my home’s appearance?
3M has a full line of non-reflective films that will have little to no change to your home’s aesthetics

How can I increase my home’s safety?
Safety Window Films are a must have addition to your home’s security upgrades

Can you apply window film to a storm door and the side panel windows next to my front door?
Yes. These are perfect starting points for sun control, decorative, or security window tinting

Can you use window film to frost shower door glass for privacy?
Yes. 3M Decorative Glass Finishes are suitable for all wet locations

Can window film cause damage to my windows?
No. 3M uses a non-chemical bonding adhesive that removes clean and damage free

Will window films allow my indoor plant to still get enough sunlight?
Yes. Very few house plants require UV light.

Can window residential tint be removed and/or replaced?
Yes. 3M Window Films remove damage free if you ever decide to replace them.

Why should I consider using window films for my home?
Fade protection, reduce heat and glare, improve comfort, save on utilities, increase personal safety

Will window tinting films obstruct my view of the outside?
3M Window Films are made from optically clear polyester. Just like putting on your favorite sun glasses

Commercial/Office Window Tinting:

Why should I consider window tinting for my office/business?
Window films have been ranked as a top tier technology for energy savings and increased tenant comfort

I would like to tint my storefront glass to prevent excessive sun, can you help?
Yes, we tint hundreds of storefronts and curtain walls each year

Will window tinting films save my business on energy costs?
The DOE estimates 28% of your building’s energy loss is through the windows. We can help

What are the advantages and applications of commercial window tinting films?
Lowered Energy Consumption, LEED Credits, Increase Tenant Comfort, Improve Daylighting

How can I increase security for my business/storefront?
By adding 3M Security Films, you could prevent smash and grab or B&E type activity and more

How do I reduce sun glare in my office?
Our sun control window tinting films can reduce as much as 80% of the sun’s glare

Can I increase privacy for my conference room or office space using window films?
This is the new trend. Simple etched films to elaborate graphics and signage can be applied

What is the average lifespan for commercial window films?
Commercial warranties range from 10-16 years depending on the film applied