Sun Control

October 15, 2013

Window Films More Cost Effective and Energy-Efficient than Etched Glass

Is your office on a busy street corner, where anyone can peek in as they walk by? Do you need to have a little privacy while still allowing the natural light into your space? Maybe your view isn’t the best, and a serene landscape would be better… There are many reasons to call Carolina Solar for decorative window film applications! In this space, the client was looking for privacy with an etched glass look. Now, that office window cannot be peeked in on by passers by, and the natural light is still able to be enjoyed. This type of installation […]
November 15, 2013

Raleigh Window Tinting Protects With Virtually No Difference in Appearance

We recently helped a local business owner who was experiencing extreme sunlight, glare, and heat in the front of their store location. Pictured below, we see a true side-by-side comparison of just how little the appearance of the glass was changed by installing window film, yet the difference in heat and UV light/glare reduction was tremendous! In this picture, the right side windows and doors are treated with 3M PR70, while the left side windows facing the street are not. As you can see, they lose no visibility with the window film. We were also able to help this particular […]
November 15, 2013

5 Ways to Use 3M Translucent Graphic Films for Your Business

At Carolina Solar, we use window films in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes– for light and fading control, for safety and security, and for energy-savings. We also use graphic films to enhance indoor spaces and exterior buildings and walls. Here are 5 creative ways to use our 3M Graphic Films for your business: Frosted and Etched Films are a cost effective way to add a visual focal point, using your company logo on interior glass surfaces. Interior decorative films can create privacy, easily and affordably, without changing the architecture. Graphic Films create a great point-of-sale application […]
November 15, 2013

3M Window Films for Commercial Window Tinting Applications

Increase tenant comfort, let the good light in, keep costly and harmful UV rays out and thwart vandalism and break-ins. 3M Window Films provide a great return on investment and so much more. (source: When it comes to commercial window tinting, Carolina Solar offers an array of window film solutions for sun control, safety and security, and decorative applications. Contact us today and request a quote on your commercial window tinting project. We have been serving the Carolinas since 1985 with quality products, as well as experienced consultants and installers.