Storefront Window Tinting: 5 Reasons Why You Should

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June 27, 2022
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June 30, 2022

If you own a business with large windows like a restaurant or retail business, you’ve probably noticed how the sun can cause problems. Fading of inventory, excessive heat gain and energy loss are all common issues. But did you know that storefront window tinting can help? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider tinting your storefront windows:

1. Large windows are magnets for the sun. This factor alone contributes to a number of other issues on this list. Heat gain, energy loss, faded inventory can all be attributed to this attraction of sunlight. It also causes glare both inside and outside the store, making it uncomfortable for customers who window shop.

2. Large windows can cause excessive heat gain or heat loss. In the summer, excessive heat gain from the sun makes your air conditioning work harder (and cost more). In the winter, heat loss makes it difficult to keep the inside of your business warm. Window films insulate windows to keep your interior more comfortable year-round.

3. Fading of inventory. Inventory fading is a problem year-round as the sun’s UV rays filter in through windows and cause window-front inventory to fade. Faded inventory means you take a loss on those items, and it can cost your store money.

4. Energy loss is another problem caused by heat gain and large windows. In the summer, your air conditioning has to work harder to keep the inside of your business cool. In the winter, you lose heat through the windows, leading to higher heating bills. This energy loss costs your store or restaurant money.

5. Large windows are an invitation for criminals. Criminals don’t break into stores or establishments that they can’t see into. Window films make it more difficult for criminals to see inside your business. This reduces the risk of break-ins and vandalism. Window films also help hold shattered glass together, making it harder for a criminal to gain access through a smash-and-grab attempt.

3M window films can help with all of these problems. We offer a variety of film options that can meet your specific needs. If storefront window tinting isn’t ideal, consider decorative film options. They add privacy and while still allowing you to customize the look your windows present to customers.