What is Spontaneous Glass Breakage and How to Prevent it

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April 28, 2022
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May 29, 2022

Spontaneous glass breakage is the sudden and unexpected breaking of glass, without any apparent reason or provocation. It can happen to windows, balconies, guardrails and even glass doors and tabletops. While it may seem like a mystery, there are actually several different reasons why spontaneous glass breakage can occur.

What Causes Spontaneous Glass Breakage?

One common cause is what’s known as “thermal stress”. This happens when there are sudden changes in temperature, causing the glass to expand and contract. It is often caused by the stresses of intense seasonal temperatures.

Another cause of is “impact damage”. This is when glass breaks due to something hitting it, even if the impact itself doesn’t seem that strong. Impact damage can be caused by things like children throwing balls or rocks, bird collisions or even by pets scratching at doors and windows.

Spontaneous glass breakage can also be caused by “manufacturing defects”. This is when there are imperfections in the glass itself that make it more susceptible to breaking. This is most common with tempered glass because tempered glass can contain impurities like nickel sulfide. These impurities make the glass more prone to spontaneous breakage than other types of glass.

Preventing Glass Breakage

While spontaneous glass breakage may seem like a random and unpredictable event, there are actually several ways to prevent it from happening. One of the best ways to prevent glass breakage is to use 3M Safety Window Films and Attachment Systems. 3M Safety Window Films are made of a clear, durable polyester film that helps hold glass together if it shatters. The film also helps block out UV rays and can reduce glare and heat build-up in your home or office.

3M Attachment Systems are metal brackets that fit over the edges of windows and doors, providing an extra layer of protection against impact damage.

When used together, 3M Safety Window Films and Attachment Systems provide a strong barrier against glass breakage. Protect your home or business from broken glass and check out 3M Safety Window Films and Attachment Systems. Have questions? Carolina Solar has your answers. Give us a call today!