6 Benefits and Uses for Gradient Window Films

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April 1, 2022
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April 26, 2022

Gradient window films by Solyx and 3M Fasara give you a number of ways to customize your commercial space. Gradient window films are particularly useful for office spaces with glass walls where you want to have some privacy and separation while allowing light to flow through the space and maintain an open, airy atmosphere. Gradient window films come in all kinds of sizes and configurations and can also be cut to customize the look and feel of your space. Let’s take a look at the six benefits and uses for gradient window films.

1. Keep personal spaces private while allowing light to flow through –

Are a great option to create a sense of privacy while still having sections of glass where the light flows through freely. This creates a light and airy ambiance while still providing the privacy you need for certain spaces like conference rooms and meeting rooms or even individual offices.

2. Provide soft transitions from transparent to opaque –

Provide a soft transition from transparent glass to opaque in a way that is easy on the eye and not visually disruptive.

3. Customize the look for your space –

Come in a wide array of styles and patterns, allowing you to fully customize the look of your space. From lines to linen to blur, there are a ton of styles and patterns for you to choose from so your space looks how you want it to.

4. Gives you control over your view –

Give you control over your view. By providing opaque treatment where you want it and transparent where you don’t, you have ultimate control over your view. Don’t want to see something? Gradient window films can be customized and cut specifically to give you the view you do want.

5. Maintain privacy without sacrificing a collaborative and airy atmosphere –

Give you privacy where you want it without blocking the windows or glass in your office. This helps you maintain an open and collaborative feeling space without the need for privacy hindering the ambiance you want.

6. Get the perfect amount of separation of spaces –

Give you the perfect amount of separation for conference rooms and meeting rooms without closing them off completely. It can even be used to create a separation for individual offices as well, so you have separation where you want it and openness where you want it.

Gradient window films have a number of benefits and uses. Ultimately, they give you privacy and control where you what it and openness where you want it. They can be fully customized from pattern to application so you get exactly the look and the privacy you want without sacrificing the flow of light and open space.