Privacy Applications for Glass Films: Decorative and Functional

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April 1, 2022
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April 1, 2022

Privacy Applications for Glass Films: Decorative and Functional. When you want to add privacy to glass shower doors, bathroom windows, glass office partitions, storefronts, office spaces and window or door panels, you don’t have to go the expensive route with etched glass. Did you know there are decorative window films specifically made to add design and privacy to any space or glass application? 3M has a number of options and even better, window films are virtually maintenance free and fingerprint resistant while adding both fun and function to your space. Let’s explore some of the ways 3M can give you privacy and a decorative element for an affordable cost.

3M Fasara Films

Fasara films have a decorative matte finish in a multitude of patterns and styles to make whatever décor you have or desire. Perfect for privacy, decorative and architectural applications, Fasara films come in finishes like rice paper, grid, linen and more. Use these films to add privacy in the home for bathroom shower doors and bathroom windows. Add privacy in office spaces by using these films on glass partitions, glass office doors, window and door panels and more. These frosted window films let light flow through any space while adding design and functionality.

3M Dichroic Series Color Changing Films

For something more original and stunning, check out the Dichroic color changing films from 3M. These window films feature shimmering textures that shift color depending on the mounting surface, viewing angle and lighting. These window films help you add a decorative element and define your spaces in a unique and original way that stands out.

3M Sun Control Night Vision Series Films

To add privacy from the outside, opt for 3M’s Night Vision Series window films. They offer enhanced vision from the inside out with lower reflectivity inside. It rejects up to 71% of the sun’s infrared rays and heat to reduce glare on screened devices and increase eye comfort. It blocks a large portion of the UV rays from the sun that cause fading of furnishings, floors and artwork. Best of all, it’s scratch-resistant to give you clear views all the time.

Privacy doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. 3M window films have multiple solutions that are both decorative and functional, giving you the privacy you need and the design aesthetic you desire. To explore your options for decorative privacy window films, contact Carolina Solar Control today. You can also view the brochures on our website. We look forward to adding design and privacy to your space!