6 Tips to Deter a Thief from Breaking Into Your Home

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December 15, 2013
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February 15, 2014

Danger lurks all around us. Most neighborhoods experience break-ins on a regular basis. Here are 5 tips to deter a thief from breaking into your home:

  1. If you have a security system, make sure it is plainly displayed by adding stickers to windows and doors and security yard signs. Sometimes a thief will not even attempt to break in if they know that the home is protected with a security system.
  2. Use Window Film, especially on first floor windows and glass areas around doors, where burglars can easily break the glass to open a window or door. With a 3M Window Film solution, a thief will have an extremely difficult time breaking the glass.
  3. Keep areas around your home well lit with auto-sensing lights. Don’t make it easy for a thief to hide around a corner.
  4. Secure sliding doors with a rod or dowel in the track.
  5. Refrain from hiding spare keys in the yard. You may think you have a great hiding spot, but an experienced thief can usually find hidden keys easily.
  6. Keep shrubs around windows trimmed. Tall shrubbery makes a great hiding spot for a thief. As a matter of fact, you can exercise natural access control around your house by placing natural hindrances around your home, such as holly bushes and thorny shrubs.
    From our Carolina Solar family to yours, be safe this winter season! Don’t let a thief get the best of your home. An ounce of prevention goes a long way!