Window Films Improve Energy Efficiency in Schools

Carolina Solar of Raleigh exhibits at ACS Home Show at the Raleigh Convention Center
February 15, 2013
Window Films for Residential Heat, Glare, and Fade Reduction
March 15, 2013

According to, “the nation’s 17,450 K-12 school districts spend more than $6 billion annually on energy — more than is spent on computers and textbooks combined. As much as 30 percent of a district’s total energy is used inefficiently or unnecessarily. By being more energy efficient, schools can help prevent greenhouse gas emissions and improve the students’ learning environment. School districts can and have used the savings from improved energy performance to help pay for building improvements and other upgrades that enhance the learning environment.” In an article recently featured on, we learn that:

Schools are constantly weighing the options of “going green,” but many are confronted with the harsh funding barriers that prevent some districts from spending money on green construction projects (or any projects for that matter). However, an answer for some districts may be simple, according to the International Window Film Association (IWFA). The IWFA, based in Martinsville, Va. is a nonprofit trade association composed of window film dealers, distributors and manufacturers in the window film industry and have supported the use of window film in projects nationwide, including school facilities. Darrell Smith, executive director of IWFA explained the benefits of using window film in renovations at schools, which include reduced energy costs, safety and security, overall cost savings and reduced time for installation. The energy efficiency of window film has been proven to reduce energy costs, according to Smith. Smith also explained that 98 to 99 percent of UV rays are blocked from entering through glass windows if they are protected by window film. “Another advantage of using window film is to combat heat loads, and balance out hot and cold spots in the building,” said Smith.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a cumulative energy savings in our children’s school districts? So much so, that more dollars could be allocated to educational materials rather than on wasted energy? Carolina Solar, the Southeast’s premiere 3M Window Film company is certainly equipped do the job. With locations in Raleigh/Durham, Wilmington, and Myrtle Beach, it’s quite possible to save energy in hundreds of schools in North and South Carolina. Not only would it be a step in the right direction when it comes to energy-savings, but it would also be a great lesson plan for students learning about our world, our environment, and our community effort to reduce the carbon footprint. Think about